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Redactor’s Notes

Dear Brothers and  Friends:

This is a transcript of a pamphlet written by Bro. Louis Otto Saur (April 20,1906-April 10, 2002) and published in 1974. I have changed few items in the pamphlet, usually to make the transcript more appropriate in formatting for a webpage.  Other additions made by me will be set forth in [brackets]. Otherwise, this is a verbatim transcript. Any other additions, corrections, deletions and the like can be sent to me at [revdbb@aol.com].

Bro. David Bailey

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The world has come full cycle since North Bend Lodge first opened. Then a president was shortly to be assassinated and another barely fell short of removal from office by the United States Senate by reason of his misconduct in office. Now, the United States has experienced another presidential assassination and another president has resigned. Industrial and commercial development was making itself conspicuous. The railroads wee already displacing inland canal systems and they were to continue to grow, particularly with respect to transportation of passengers, until after World War II when they were brought to the very brink of collapse by the advent of the automobile and air transportation. Scientific discoveries were made laying the foundation for the so-called easier life of today. The end of the Civil War in the United States brought a respite from major conflicts in the world of the nineteenth century. Great Britain already had established an industrial supremacy. Her flag was ascendant over a vast colonial empire. British bankers extended the power of the crown even further. Queen Victoria of England became both a symbol of might and morality. The appearance of proper public and private decorum was always to be observed. Corruption and poverty were to be found beneath the surface. The social classes were sharply separated. It was a gilded world. The royal families of Europe seemed secure.

Queen Victoria died. A first World War erupted. Most of the royal families were overturned. A second World War had its roots in the first. A change in social and economic outlook followed. It was not the Lord who “maketh poor and maketh rich”, it was the state; and the lamp of God seemed to flicker in the temple. Society was materialistic. It was popular to shed discipline and do one’s thing.  Consequences were to be disregarded.

Masonry, however, places its trust in permanent values. God is first. God reveals Himself to man and man guides himself by these principles or uses them in application to science. It was in this faith that North Bend Lodge has continued to live and remain fast in its belief in God and the rules of the Holy Scripture.


Cleves, Ohio                                                                                                                         August 20, 1974